Massage Therapy

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Michael Paulic Inc., RMT 

Registered Massage Therapist (has stopped providing massage therapy indefinitely)
Michael was part of our clinic for nearly 10 years. He will be missed, but we wish him all the best in his next career path.

Robyn Thompson, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist (has returned to continue practicing massage therapy. Please visit to review her new guidelines for Massage Therapy Treatment.)
Robyn is a Registered Massage Therapist who has been practicing exclusively in health therapy and fitness environments since the start of her career in 2002. During her many years of service she has primarily focused on sports rehabilitative injuries, chronic fatigue and stress recovery strategies, vocational ergonomics retraining, tension headache and migraine relief, motor vehicle accident treatment and prenatal care.

Robyn enjoys working with clients to develop health strategies that are as unique and diverse as they are. She tailors each plan to match the unique needs of her client. She does not expect her clients to match the expectations of a constantly repeated generic plan. Robyn is always happy to teach strategies for home care and self sufficiency. She takes care to learn and understand the goals and life patterns of her clients to insure that care plans, both in room and for the home, are simple to understand and easily integrated into all pre-existing routines. Robyn welcomes clients of every age and activity level.
Robyn is a past IDFA athletics competitor and believes that the best health practice is the one that can endure and become a lifestyle. Activities that bring Robyn joy include dancing, cooking, swimming, archery, hiking, and yoga.

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